Jintropin 200 IU (100iu/Box)




Jintropin is an injectable drug representing a synthetic human growth hormone produced with recombinant DNA technology. Also called Somatotropin, the compound is used among athletes and bodybuilders to gain extra muscles and to burn the unnecessary fat in the human body. It is also useful in increasing bone density and energy levels, improving skin tone and texture and improving the immune system functions. Jintropin 200 IU is also preferred by bodybuilders who participate in contests because it has low risk of detection than other drugs used buy athletes. The usage of Jintropin is also crucial for increasing calcium retention, strengthening and enhancing the mineralization of bones.
The normal dosage of Jintropin for athletes and bodybuilders is 4 – 8 iu per day for fat burning and muscle building purposes. The procedure of taking the injections is the following: daily injections or daily injections with 2 days pause every 6 days. Usually Jintropin has very mild and low side effects with the exception in cases when persons had previously a series health of disorders or if the dosages are higher than prescribed. The symptoms of the drug abuse include headache, nausea, vomiting and edema of ankles. If a person have diabetes or is using insulin he should check the concentration of blood glucose and ask the doctors to adjust the dosage of insulin.


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