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Percocet is a drug that is made up of two active ingredients, acetaminophen that which is use to treat fever and pain and oxycodone which belongs to a group narcotic drug which is used to treat moderate to severe pain killers the combination is made up in way the acetaminophen enhances the effects of oxycodone. Percocets is used to treat pain in the patients but could also be used to treat a number of other diseases too.

One should be aware certain things before going on a prescription of Percocets , you should not have any prior liver disease specially one that is cause due to alcohol use i.e. cirrhosis and the patient should be not drink more than three alcoholic beverages a day and if the patient has any of the above two qualities he should tell his doctor because in such a case the doctor might not prescribe Percocets as it has acetaminophen which could react with alcohol and could further damage your liver and if the warning is neglected it could even result in the death of the patient. Furthermore as Percocets also has oxycodone as an active ingredient which posse’s severe addiction property therefore Percocet should be taken strictly as prescribed to the patient. If the medicine stops giving the same relief as did it when you started the medicine inform your doctor and overdose of the medicine could lead to addiction. Percocets should be kept in safe place away from the hands of all those who can potential abuse it and also away from the children. As with most narcotic pain killer Percocets has the ability to impair your judgement and reaction time so the patient should avoid driving and avoid all task that requires the patient to be alert.

When you start taking buy percocet make sure you follow the prescription to the letter, as an over of Percocet could lead to liver damage or death and it also has addictive properties. Percocets as the potential to cause constipation so the patient must drink plenty of water to avoid the effect and if that doesn’t work consult your doctor who could prescribe a stool softener. After a long term on Percocet you should not quit it abruptly as it can lead unpleasant withdrawal effects and if you feel any such effects ask your doctor’s advice as to how to cope with them.

percocet could also cause the result from you glucose test to fluctuate, and if you are diabetic patient special concern should be given to it and consultation of a doctor should be asked in case of the fluctuation. Lastly before going for a surgery you should inform the doctor about the use of Percocets as you might have to stop a couple of weeks in advance. Percocet is a powerful drug so it should be only used by the person it is prescribed for and once the treatment is over the remaining pills should be disposed of by flushing them down the toilet.

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