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Sermorelin 30ml

Human growth hormone (HGH) is produced naturally in our bodies, but the levels decline as we age. Since the 1980’s it has been possible to supplement using recombinant growth hormone to maintain youthful levels of HGH, resulting in numerous benefits to mind and body, but Human Growth Hormone can have a number of side effects if unmonitored and if it is taken in too great a quantity. But the disadvantages of HGH supplementation are a thing of the past with the development of sermorelin. It is a small peptide molecule that stimulates the pituitary gland to produce and secrete human growth hormone naturally, rather than just adding from an external source.

What Are the Benefits of Having Higher HGH Levels?

HGH has the ability to reduce subcutaneous fat, which is the fat found just below the skin. It has also been clinically proven to increases lean muscle mass, enables faster repair to damaged parts of the body, increase stamina and promote a general increase in rate of metabolism.

How Does Sermorelin work?

By stimulating the pituitary gland, it preserves more of the growth hormone neuroendocrine axis. This axis is the first to fail during the ageing process and by preserving it, a more youthful outer-body and a youthful physiology can be attained.

How Should I Take Sublingual Sermorelin

Unlike Human Growth Hormone injections sermorelin is easy to administer and can be stored at room temperature. A dropper full of sermorelin each evening held under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing, is all that’s required.

Sermorelin Gives You All the Advantages of HGH Without the Risks

Using Sublingual sermorelin gives the aging individual all the benefits of increased HGH levels such as reduced subcutaneous fat, increased muscle mass and increased stamina, but is simple to use and has none of the negative effects of simply supplementing with human growth hormone.


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