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HGH Profile – What Is HGH?
First, it is important to note that HGH supplements are not steroids. HGH is a hormone, through and through, much like testosterone and estrogen. There is no denying that HGH pills are anabolic in nature, but so is food and people consume food daily. Many men and women around the world seek HGH for sale not only for a more youthful appearance, but also for performance enhancement, energy boosts, and muscle growth thanks to these anabolic properties.
In the body, the pituitary gland produces HGH. It is in all living things, animal and human, and it is popular among bodybuilders because it increases the size and number of skeletal muscle cells. It can also stimulate connective tissue growth, which leads to a more youthful appearance. Finally, it supports the hydrolysis of fats in the body called triglycerides, thus reducing body fat. It is truly a versatile component, and one that many bodybuilders consider the most important of all.
The first HGH for human use came from human cadavers in the late 1950s. Although the hormone treated a number of conditions successfully, including dwarfism muscle wasting conditions, the FDA banned it in 1985 due to a rare brain disorder caused by contamination. Over the years, pharmaceutical companies worked to create a safe and sanitary HGH supplement in laboratories. After several attempts, a Swedish company called KabiVitrum created Somatropin, the world’s first pure and synthetic version of HGH. Experts all agree that synthetic and naturally produced HGH have the same traits and efficacy.
HGH Dosage and Warnings
Most athletes prefer HGH injections as this method of delivery provides the most effectiveness dose for dose. Although you can find HGH spray and HGH pills for sale in nutrition stores, injections provide the best results. You can administer this product intramuscularly (deep within the muscle) or subcutaneously (just beneath the skin). The bioavailability is higher with subcutaneous injections, as well.
Your individual HGH dosage will vary based on your reasons for use. For traditional HGH therapy, the average dose ranges from 1iu to 3iu per day based on the severity of the condition and the user’s gender. In terms of performance enhancement, male bodybuilders will inject between 2iu and 4iu per day while women see the same benefits at doses of 1iu to 2iu per day. Bodybuilders often note that these doses greatly enhance the performance boost offered by anabolic steroids, and for the most part, the two work synergistically together without any increased risk of side effects. On the extreme end of the scale, you will find athletes who use between 6iu and 8iu in a very long HGH cycle, often lasting 16 weeks. Nothing here should replace valuable insight and advice from your physician or healthcare team. Always discuss HGH use with your doctor, particularly if you take similar compounds or have preexisting medical conditions.
Side Effects of HGH
Even physicians will agree that HGH is one of the safest synthetic hormones available to athletes today. Unlike synthetic versions of testosterone, which act like their natural counterparts but are different in composition, today’s synthetic HGH has the same molecular composition as the HGH your body produces naturally. Despite its inherent safety, you should watch for a few different side effects during your treatment. The most common side effects include:
• Water retention, particularly around the ankles and wrists
• Joint pain, which usually decreases over time
• Headaches
• Flu-like symptoms during the first few days of administration; this dissipate over time
• Carpal-tunnel syndrome as a result of fluid retention
• Hypothyroidism, which you can prevent with Cytomel (T3)
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Skin numbness
Remember that these side effects may occur even with responsible use. The risk of more dangerous effects goes up when people abuse the hormone. In fact, people who use doses of 10iu per day and more have reported permanently enlarged hands and feet, dangerous enlargement of the organs, and even type-2 diabetes due to the hormone’s ability to not only reduce sensitivity to insulin, but also increase blood sugar levels. Diabetes in HGH users typically goes away once the individual stops using the hormone.
HGH Stacks and Cycles
One of the reasons why HGH bodybuilding is so incredibly popular is the hormone’s versatility. Not only can you use it alone in order to feel better as a whole, but you can also pair it with anabolic steroids during cutting or bulking cycles to improve their success.


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